So, here comes the massive beat :D

Nope, just some experimental stuff on Intellektual Kollapse project you can download and listen for free.

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Tympanik Audio Bandcamp Totakeke, Unterm Rad, Subheim, Disharmony, Ad¬ver¬sary, Flint Glass, Displacer, Pneumatic Detach, Lucidstatic, Endif, Autoclav1.1, Integral, Tapage, Aphorism, Zentriert Ins Antlitz, ESA, Broken Fabiola, Stendeck, SE, PandoraТs Black Book, Black Lung, [Haven], Access To Arasaka, Undermathic, Opposite Exhale, Candle Nine, Fractional, Geomatic, Zeller, Anklebiter, Dirk Geiger, C.H. District, Tapage & Meander, Famine, Haujobb, Ex_Tension, Normotone, Erode, Known Rebel,